Sale or Return

How does Sale or Return work?

For sale or return, I can supply you from a limited selection of products so that you can test the market and see what sells, with a commission (usually 60%) paid to me from your sales. Unsold stock can be returned to me after an agreed period, usually 3 or 6 months.

PLEASE NOTE: Sale or Return is only available within the UK and orders are capped at a maximum of £100 (retail) of stock for one order only.

Why can I only place one order?

Sale or return allows you to try out my products with no risk. If they sell well, I would hope you would then invest in buying wholesale from the full range. Further sale or return orders can be arranged in some circumstances, if sales are paid promptly.

Why aren’t all products available for Sale or Return?

Many of my products are either too expensive or too time-consuming for me to have spare inventory. I require a payment in advance so that I can purchase stock or take the time to create products especially for you. However, if you are based in the Glasgow or Argyll areas, I may be willing to let you order other products since I can meet you in person.

Who pays for shipping?

Sale or Return orders are usually sent free of charge. Return postage is your responsibility and should match my own shipping in terms of packaging and service (eg. Signed For).

Got any other questions?

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